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Review: Confessions of a Slacker Mom

Confessions of a Slacker Mom, by Muffy Meade-Ferro


Mead-Ferro claims to be a slacker mom, having what I've always called a laize-faire approach to parenting. Let your kids make mistakes. Let yourself make mistakes. Let them be dirty, let them want, let them try stupid things.  Your kids don't need everything.  In fact, having everything is bad for them. They don't need constant praise, supervision, entertainment, or education.

This short book is best described as a short memoir of one mom's ideas of how parenting through hyperbole (kid must have the best, be the best, do the best) isn't her style and how she got to this opinion. Sometimes, she gets on the brink of bemoaning city life for the love of her ranch upbringing, but she never goes that far. I think a key to this book is to keep in mind that most of us had great memories of childhood and turned out OK and none of us had our own computer and most of us got spankings. Your job as a parent is to put a roof over their head, make sure they don't do anything TOO bad, and let them make their own mistakes. How else do they learn?

In short, this is a permission slip to all the moms out there who think it's as insane not to discipline our kids as it is to enroll them in preschool before they can walk.  Plus, all that parenting takes away from Mommy Time.

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